Consulting services


Consulting Services
Construction Deadline: 08 March 2024
Country: Namibia
Ref-N°: BMZ 2019 67 462/KFW 510599
Ref: International, open Tender for Poverty-oriented development of   Infrastructure in Urban Areas in Namibia.
Project Executing Agency: Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) Project measures: Consulting services for the technical design and supervision of the construction of bulk water, supply, sewerage, electricity, roads and solid waste management infrastructure in the towns of Okahao and Opuwo (LOT 1) and Karibib and Rundu
(Lot 2) in Namibia.
Requested Consultant services:
a. To confirm the priority infrastructure projects for Lot 1/Lot 2 or both Lot 1 and Lot 2 respectively through reviewing the Bulk Infrastructure Assessment and liaising with DWN and the Town Council authorities and stakeholders respectively,
b. Undertake the site specific environmental screening and facilitate development of appropriate Enviromental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and other compliance instruments consistent with KfW and DWN guidelines,
c. Produce Tender documents containing detailed designs and bills of quantities for each Lot respectively based on the approved templates provided by DWN, and
d. Manage the procurement process and supervise the construction and commissioning of the prioritised infrastructure projects acting as the principal agent of the DWN and fulfilling KfW requirements
This prequalification for consulting services will be guided by the latest version of the „Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries (Refer to homepage of KfW Development Bank Richtlinien Englisch 2021 (kfw- It is foreseen to assign the services to an independent consultant firm with proven experience in the Construction Consultant sector in and the region. The minimum turn- over for the last three years shall be €500,000 for one Lot or €800,000 for both lots.

Further information is available in the annexe and will be made available upon request by the Project Executing Agency DWN under the following address: [email protected]

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