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Accelerating Namibia’s Energy Transition – EU-GET.transform Country Window Namibia


Consultancy services to carry out Review and update of the Electricity Control Board of Namibia’s Electricity Supply Industry Performance Management Framework
The GET.transform Country Window Namibia is a multi-donor action platform, jointly co-financed by the European Union (EU) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany, and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as part of the BMZ project “Global Energy Transformation Programme ( In Namibia, GET.transform supports the Namibian energy sector partners, the Electricity Control Board (ECB),Namibia Power Cooperation (NAMPOWER) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy MME) through the four main work streams:
1. Long-term energy planning: Addressing the support needs for integrated resource planning and strengthening partners capacities to coordinate sector actors for achievement of mid and long-term planning.
2. Renewable energy grid integration: Support with planning, management and operationalisation of technical power sector transformation, investment, and renewable energy integration processes as well as assessment of the potential impact of embedded/distributed generation on the distribution network
3. On-grid regulation and market development: Support government agencies with regulatory design for market development in distributed generation and on-grid-related technologies including the IPP tender process and facilitating market driven regulations such as net-metering and feed-in tariffs for smaller sized generators as
well as market access for IPPs in Namibia and export on the SAPP market.
4. Off-grid systems implementation and regulation: Support to government
agencies with a primary focus on off-grid regulation development, development
of off-grid business cases that fits the Namibian context as well as micro-grid
procurement systems and relevant regulatory streamlining.
This consultancy invitation is part of the GET. transform’s support towards the ECB’s continuous commitment in improving the Electricity Supply Industry’s operational efficiency through restructuring, performance evaluation and monitoring of compliance.
The consultancy call aims at inviting eligible professional consultancy firm(s) in the Africa region to assist the ECB in conducting a comprehensive review and refinement of the ESI Performance Management Framework, with a focus on enhancing productivity and efficiency, including the creation of an incentive-driven regulatory framework
designed to incentivize optimal performance among licensees.
The scope of this assignment, more specifically, and amongst others, includes the following:
• To update the ESI Performance Framework including the data collection process and database (Data Sheets
• Identify and develop appropriate regulatory benchmarking models for ESI licensees.
• Identify and set performance standards for ESI licensees.
• Identify key inputs that affect outputs and cost.
• Identify and advise on KPI’s with high impact on the end consumer (low income, residential, commercial, and industrial/large power user consumers) and improved efficiency.
• Identify and advise performance standards and KPIs focused on optimizing productivity and efficiency across all aspects of electricity sector operations, with a particular emphasis on minimizing costs while maximizing output and quality of service.
• Identify and develop KPI’s to monitor and ensure compliance with the Modified Single Buyer (MSB) Market Model.
• Alignment with the Development of Regional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for RERA Final Report, 2018.
• Alignment with the ECB ESI Statistical Framework 2023.
The details of the required services are described in the Terms of Reference, which is obtainable from the email address mentioned below.
This tender is open to firms/ individual consultants based in the Africa region only
Terms of References to be requested via email to: [email protected]
Please quote ref. no. 83465459 GET-ECB Performance Framework as your

reference in the email subject line.
Deadline for Bid submission: 28 June 2024

Bids must be hand-delivered to the following address: Procurement Unit,
GIZ-Office Namibia, No. 88 John Meinert Street, Windhoek West.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

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