Teppanyaki Chef

Call for Teppanyaki Chef

The Prawnery is looking for 3 skilled, talented and experience Teppanyaki Chefs for the new restaurant opening 01 September 2023 at Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Teppanyaki is recognised as a magnificent form of Japanese culinary art. However, we require teppanyaki chefs that contribute greatly to this fascinating form of art, who have trained for years to perfect teppanyaki.

Must be highly skilled in:
– handling knives
– cooking and plating teppanyakiand performing tricks.
– Throwing food into the pockets or mouths of diners
– Flipping and/or catching food with different instruments, like tossing fried rice into the air and catching it in a bowl
– Various types of egg-related tricks
– Responsible for engaging, entertaining, interacting and providing a unique dining experience to guests.
– Require 15-years’ experience in Teppanyaki cooking strongly required. CVs, profiles and certification can be sent to [email protected]  by 15 December 2023

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